Keep your pet safe, anytime, anyplace.

With the ever increasing numbers of Pets going missing, Streetwise Pets developed wearable GPS Tracking devices that your pet wears and is located via satellites and accessible on a smartphone app.

The devices are small, lightweight and does not cause any discomfort to the pet.

Before roll-out two years ago we first tested our product range and made sure the devices lived up to its standard. With many happy South African’s using our product, we can proudly say “Tested, Proven and Trusted”


The Founder of Streetwise Pets designed both the AlleyCat & K9-GPS TRAX products. Although some hardware is imported, the final assembly of the product is done in Ballito, South Africa.

The demand for tracking cats is much higher than dogs, since felines tend to wander around as part of their hunting instinct. Unfortunately more and more dogs are getting stolen to be either resold or used in illegal dog fighting or backyard breeding.

AlleyCat is well-known to Cat Breeders across South Africa and they also promote the use of the product as a solution to ensure the safety of the pets they are selling. AlleyCat is approved by The Cat Council of South Africa and we regularly attend shows hosted by them.