The Best Business Opportunity in South Africa!

There has never been a better time to get into the Pet Tracking industry than right now!

Thousands of pets go missing every year, no matter how hard pet owners try to keep them safe.

Cats tend to roam around due to instinct and get lost from time to time, but more and more dogs get stolen for illegal dog fights or backyard breeding.

“Is there a real need for tracking pets?”

Ten years ago the answer would have been much different as technology did not allow for these avenues to be explored. With the advancement in the technology arena more and more people have become aware of the possibility to track their pets and explore worldwide markets in search of something which actually works.




Join a network of people keeping pets safe and secure across SA!

Streetwise Pets has a solution which creates peace of mind amongst pet owners and furthermore a product which has already made name for itself locally and abroad. Our range of products made such a big impact amongst pet owners, Pet Associations , Online stores and Pet stores that we have no choice but to form a national network of Streetwise Pets business owners who will share in our successes and to service the industry with quality products and excellent back-up service.


Our ideal candidate:

1. Independent
2. Competent
3. Enthusiastic!

If this is you please contact us NOW!

The Streetwise Team is ready and waiting for you to start the journey with us. Hold on to your hat, it’s going to be a great one!

Levels of Entry

There are two levels of entry into the Streetwise system. These are designed to allow simple entry to start your new business or to go all the way with a fully-fledged holistic organisation.

Both these options will require an initial investment, entry into the training before starting this journey.

Full Web Presence!

Complete Training Program!

Intuitive Business Setup!

First Access to Cool Products!

Reduced Stock Prices!

Innovative Marketing Strategies!

1. Each licensee has its own start-up capital requirements and prescribed number of days in training.
2. The different levels of entry are created to suit the individual needs of the area concerned.
3. These are also designed to suit the start-up capital on hand.
4. Whether it’s a Platinum License offering or a Bronze X-press license, consumers will enjoy the same quality products with exceptional back-up service standards.

5. If you enjoy dealing with corporate people and want to stamp your mark in the area, the Platinum license will suit you perfectly.
6. If you prefer dealing with Individual people, the Bronze X-press license with suit you best.
7. In both instances, our aim is for you to immediately recoup your initial investment in as little time as possible.


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