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As This product is in high demand you may still place your order, once our stock arrives you will be first in line to receive your product and will be kept up to date on progress on a weekly basis.   Should our stock be ready earlier than expected you will be on our system as pre-paid and will receive preference when we prepare orders to be dispatched. 

Share in our excitement of this PETITE little Real-time tracking device, designed by Streetwise Pets and furthermore passed 10/10 to our very strict testing procedures.  The device which is small in size has a great battery life and is quick to re-charge combined with a magnificent App with various features.  We kept the design simple and cut out all the unnecessary stuff which would usually cause quick battery drainage, In short, simple and PETITE!

Being a lightweight product and small in size it cannot cause discomfort to the pet and is a perfect fit for our beloved little ones.  First we tested the device on a 12 week old kitten as well as an elderly very small built Siamese cat, with excellent feedback from both pet owners in question (read reviews).

The delivered product comes with the device pre-fitted on a cat-safe collar as well as an already installed simcard (The collar will be a  for him / her colour or plain black  or whatever colour collar we have at the time – in the special instructions ordering page kindly mention your pets name(s) and gender).  All you will need to do is switch the unit on, load some Data, sit down, relax and start tracking your pet in minutes.  The device also comes pre-programmed with your information as each and every unit is personalised by us for the end-user, quality checked, tested and only then delivered to you. This means the device will already be linked to the Phone App and is compatible with both Android and iPhone.




  • Nett product Small in Size 43mm (L) x 26mm (W) x 15mm and weighs a mere 20Gr without the collar.
  • Battery life can last up to 2-3 days depending on usage, good network coverage and upload interval setting to the App when moving.  Choose between a 1 minute interval upload, 10 minutes, 1 hour and power saving mode.  Upload intervals is used when doing a replay, for kittens we prefer the device to be on the 1 minute interval however the battery will need to be charged more often (+-2 days).  You may also charge the battery everyday but for short intervals not exceeding 30 minutes per charge.
  • Built-in 3D G-Sensor which detects movement instantly and kicks in enabling you to track the pet instantly. When the pet don’t move the device goes into sleep mode to conserve battery power and instantly starts working again once movement is detected.
  • History playbacks to the point indicating your pet’s favourite places they visit.
  • Set Geo-Fence parameters.
  • Health Report (we don’t use this feature at all) however the APP does allow a footstep count.
  • Low battery alert to your phone when on 10%, battery level can been seen in the App as well as the Network Measuring Bars (like cell phones).
  • Listen in feature to surroundings.
  • This product does not have a call in function, we left it out to conserve battery power.
  • Said in a couple of words, TECHNOLGY beyond imagination in a small package. Includes a pre-installed simcard (MTN) and comes with a pre-fitted collar especially tailored to your own pet’s requirements.
  • APP 365GPS or GPS365

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His, Her

4 reviews for Alley Cat PETITE SOLD OUT – STOCK 2-3 WEEKS


    Recently our much loved Siamese adventure cat went missing for 6 days. Unfortunately at the time she wasn’t wearing her Alley Cat GPS which I had purchased nearly 2 years ago. On the 6th day a resident in our small village had seen her, pinpointed her location & responded to our distress message on a private Facebook group. We’ve now decided she is to wear her GPS permanently so that we can monitor her movements 24/7. We needed a second GPS & as our cat is a petite 2 & half year old often mistaken for a kitten, Ernest suggested Streetwise’s new local prototype still in the perfecting phase. It’s small in size, lightweight & super accurate, the app loading her position very quickly. Ideal for our wandering cat & we now have peace of mind. Very thankful to Ernest & Streetwise Pets, such awesome products & your after-service is second to none!

  2. ETTA

    Excellent product and your system is excellent! Zeus is now totally locked in as I could close all his escape routes! Thanks to you


    ” Morning Ernest. Hope you are well. I am so happy with your new prototype GPS I’ve ordered another one via your website today for our second cat. Order no. ****. We recently experienced a hectic storm with heavy rainfall & I was expecting the worst as my Siamese was outdoors as usual. She eventually came home drenched, but the GPS was fine! Super waterproof. Looking forward to receiving the next one. Please can you send me the courier details once dispatched? Many thanks & have a great weekend!


    “I must say this new little device of yours is first class. A great improvement on the Alley Cat in that the battery lasts a lot longer, pinpoints location much faster & good location accuracy. I’m so impressed I think I’ll purchase another one for our other cat when it comes online”.

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