AlleyCat PETITE PRO – SOLD OUT – Consignment arrived in SA 21/4 – Delays experienced caused by recent weather conditions at Port of Durban.


KINDLY NOTE: As our range of products are in demand estimated delivery of our stock from our suppliers are indicated as an estimate when stock will become available.  We have stock arriving on regular intervals and as much as we try and always have stock available this is a quick selling product and we accept orders on a pre-paid basis.  Once you placed an official order we’ll keep you up to date on an expected delivery date and make sure your product is delivered to you as soon as our stock arrives.

It gives us great pleasure and pride to announce our latest GPS tracking device for smaller built pets.  With the challenge of certain products simply being too big and heavy for smaller pets the Petite PRO is the ultimate solution and furthermore one of the smallest devices developed with an excellent battery life.

With a battery capacity of 1050mah (compared to most other devices which have a 400-450 MaH battery) the Petite PRO can last for 5-7 days with as single recharge if made use of all the features this product has to offer.  The battery life expectancy largely depends on inn-app interval settings as well as good network coverage and how often the user tracks the pet.

The Petite PRO supports remote Web tracking (on a website from a pc as well as an App monitoring in real time for both Android and IOS).  All you will need is a pre-paid simcard loaded with some airtime and data or alternatively make use of the “fuel-up” options we offer at an additional cost.

With our knowledge and excellent back-up support structures in place we will guide you to get to know the product as well as the App and further questions you may have as you get to know the product.

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  • No restriction in radius, distance or range – all our products uses Satellites to track and you will be able to track your pets exact location from anywhere in the world
  • Highly accurate tracking of up to 1 to 5 meters (real-time GPS tracking). Certain factors may influence accuracy however as technology evolved over the years GPS tracking is usually highly accurate and to find your pet becomes so much easier.
  • History report playback stored for 6 months
  • Remote voice recording / remote voice monitoring
  • Geo-fence capabilities In-app
  • IP67 water resistant and dust proof
  • Smart sleep mode – various interval settings which can pro-long the battery life – Smart Sleep mode means the device will sleep if no movement is detected for 8 minutes and this way conserve battery life – once the pet moves the device will immediately start tracking again.
  • Wifi positioning (accuracy about 30m when indoors)
  • LBS location if both GPS and Wifi tracking not available
  • Small in size 39mm x 35mm x 17.5mm
  • Light weight 31 Grams, comes with a special cat safe collar
  • No further monthly fees are payable (once-off payment) except for you to make sure your simcard has Data and Airtime on (the device uses minimal of either and will not cost you much to maintain)

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9 reviews for AlleyCat PETITE PRO – SOLD OUT – Consignment arrived in SA 21/4 – Delays experienced caused by recent weather conditions at Port of Durban.


    Recently our much loved Siamese adventure cat went missing for 6 days. Unfortunately at the time she wasn’t wearing her Alley Cat GPS which I had purchased nearly 2 years ago. On the 6th day a resident in our small village had seen her, pinpointed her location & responded to our distress message on a private Facebook group. We’ve now decided she is to wear her GPS permanently so that we can monitor her movements 24/7. We needed a second GPS & as our cat is a petite 2 & half year old often mistaken for a kitten, Ernest suggested Streetwise’s new local prototype still in the perfecting phase. It’s small in size, lightweight & super accurate, the app loading her position very quickly. Ideal for our wandering cat & we now have peace of mind. Very thankful to Ernest & Streetwise Pets, such awesome products & your after-service is second to none!

  2. ETTA

    Excellent product and your system is excellent! Zeus is now totally locked in as I could close all his escape routes! Thanks to you


    ” Morning Ernest. Hope you are well. I am so happy with your new prototype GPS I’ve ordered another one via your website today for our second cat. Order no. ****. We recently experienced a hectic storm with heavy rainfall & I was expecting the worst as my Siamese was outdoors as usual. She eventually came home drenched, but the GPS was fine! Super waterproof. Looking forward to receiving the next one. Please can you send me the courier details once dispatched? Many thanks & have a great weekend!


    “I must say this new little device of yours is first class. A great improvement on the Alley Cat in that the battery lasts a lot longer, pinpoints location much faster & good location accuracy. I’m so impressed I think I’ll purchase another one for our other cat when it comes online”.


    Karin de Villiers – Best device ever!!!


    Our cat has been wearing her Alley Cat gps for a year now. Wenever we want her to come home, we just call her gps and like Pavloffs dog she comes running home everytime! Its our party trick! 😄
    We just received our new cat’s Alley Cat gps and now we know where they are at all times.
    Best buy ever!! 😁


    We have the older model. It is the best thing we have ever done.


    Thanx Streetwise Pets GPS Tracking…although we are indoor kitties, mom loves our GPS devices for traveling peace of mind. Happy weekend everyone, we are of to the beachfront –
    thank you for excellent products and even better follow up service – easy and user friendly app


    Dankie Ernest Weldon van Streetwise Pets GPS Tracking. Jou produk en na verkope diens is uitstekend. Nou sal ons altyd weet waar ons Nova is. 👏👌

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