AlleyCat PRO (Best Seller) – SOLD OUT – Consignment arrived in SA 21/4 – Delays experienced caused by recent weather conditions at Port of Durban.

R1,970.00 R1,795.00

KINDLY NOTE: As our range of products is in demand and individually prepared per customer the estimated delivery time for you to receive your product may take anything between 7 to 14 working days. You will receive communication from us via. Our automated SMS system regarding expected delivery dates, you do not need to make contact with us after you have placed your order.

Normal Price: R1970.00 SAVE R215, FREE Delivery Anywhere in South Africa

“All you need to do from your side will be to get a pre-paid sim card (MTN 1st Choice / Vodacom. PLEASE NOTE  Telkom & Rain NOT ACCEPTED) loaded with some Data and Airtime and you’ll be ready to track, unless you want to make use of our Fuel-up option where we will supply the device delivered with a pre-installed simcard in it already (Note for the Fuel-up option we will request banking details from you for debit order purposes before the device will be delivered to you) “  

Based on the success of his rival and best seller, AlleyCat, AlleyCat PRO brings you the finest tracking experience when wanting to keep a close eye on your beloved Furry-friend. Intelligent technology ensures a longer lasting battery life, with a super accurate GPS module of note and very easy to function product.

Available on backorder


Technical Features:  NOTE – Comes without a collar, use your own or request a collar at an addition R140.

  • The Device fits into a rubber sleeve which makes the product durable, specially adapted for cats, easy / quick charging.
  • Small 45mm x 35mm x 12mm.
  • Light – 22 Grams.
  • Precise – Uses 60 satellites to instantly track your pet
  • Remote Listen-inn feature
  • Tracking Intervals from 1 minute to 60 minutes (you choose).
  • Set Geo Fences with alarms – will warn you with in App notifications when your cat leaves programmed area.
  • Track replays – See where your cat wanders around
  • User Friendly phone app for both Android and iPhone.
  • No monthly contract – Load your own airtime / data as and when required. R100 will last for up to a year or +
  • Should Last anything between 2-4 days depending on various factors like  2G reception in your area, interval update   settings and some other factors to (How many people tracking the pet and how often).
  • Fitted with a special GPS module which ensures best results when connecting with satellites
  • Ready for use when delivered, we take care of complete setting up process.
  • 12 Month Factory warranty against any defects (battery excluded).
  • Fit your own collar or order a collar from us, mention in your order you want a collar supplied at an additional R140 cost.
  • Allows for Multiple users to log in to the App at the same time.

30 reviews for AlleyCat PRO (Best Seller) – SOLD OUT – Consignment arrived in SA 21/4 – Delays experienced caused by recent weather conditions at Port of Durban.


    I’ve been using the AlleyCat Pro for 6 months now (as part of Streetwise Pets rolling out phase), what a pleasure to always find my cat when she goes wondering around. Thank you Streetwise Pets for excellent assistance and for having such a wonderful product to give pet owners peace of mind. I have done business with many pet companies, yours stand out by far, BY FAR!!!

  2. SAM

    The peace of mind is worth every cent! We now have such a happy “jungle kitty” that loves his freedom. Thank you so much for a wonderful product 😊


    The best and most accurate GPS device I have come across and used. To date I tried about 4 different devices, and thanks to this product it gives me peace of mind knowing its reliable and by far much better than what I ever had. Thank you Streetwise Pets for coming up with such a great product, good back-up service and although I had to wait a while to receive my product, worth every cent!


    Excellent service from the day I received my device. My cat is at ease with her tracker, no discomfort at all and I am a very happy cat father always knowing where she wanders off to. The back-up service offered by Streetwise Pets are of very high standards and if you are not use to technology these guys have a way to help you understand the product and App from word go. My advice to all cat owners, this is a MUST for every pet – at first I thought it was pricey, but the device outweighs the price by far, peace of mind is all I wanted and that’s what I have now. Thank you to everyone at Streetwise Pets, your team are awesome ! Kind regards, Freddie (Western Cape)


    FROM: Arno Duan Joubert – The GPS unit has worked like a charm. Thank you SO MUCH for supplying us with these units and the data we’ve gathered is invaluable.


    Hi, we recently bought the AlleyCat Pro and it works perfectly – we are now ordering another one for our second furry baby.


    Hello Ernest compliments of the season to you. My kitten was found yesterday thanx to Your device. I think the security guards who found her took the sim out and phoned us on it. I even pulled her out of the drain the other day thanks to your device so it saved my cats life twice already! What a pleasure to know my cats in safe hands!

  8. Pauline

    I’ve been using the Alley Cat gps device off & on for my wandering Siamese for nearly 2 years now. She recently went missing for 6 days & we feared the worst as we live in a remote area abundant with snakes. Unfortunately she wasn’t wearing her GPS. Thankfully she was found & since then have made the decision she was to wear her Alley Cat permanently. I had trouble resetting the device on my own & called Ernest for help today. He dealt with the situation promptly & efficiently & now my Alley Cat is working 100%. Thank you very much again Ernest, your excellent service is second to none. I feel relieved now knowing that my Siamese is wearing her Alley Cat & I can monitor her every move. This is an exceptional device & I would highly recommend it !


    STEVEN PELSER – CLIENT WHO SAW OUR DEVICE WHILE RESEARCHING AND SAW IT UNDER OUR NEW ZEALAND BRANCH “Steven Pelser recommends Streetwise Pets GPS Tracking NZ: Messaging from South Africa – my senior cat started roaming very far and went missing a time or two. I am so impressed with this little device. I know exactly where he is at all times, plus the collar doesn’t bother him at all. Please consider it if you’re concerned about your pets’ whereabouts.


    Hi there
    Firstly, thanks a lot for the extra effort you guys went through in terms of prepping the device and sending through all the info below. That really wasn’t expected, thanks. Especially going through the effort of installing the sim and setting it up. And thanks for the surprise in the box! 😊 The instructions helped a lot, everything is up and running and working 100%. These are awesome little devices, and thanks again for all your effort and great service! Regards, Quintin


    My cat “Seuntjie” went missing for 4 days and after we found him (he was stuck in a basement) I decided to get the AlleyCat gps tracker. As Seuntjie loves playing outside and travels with us on holidays, this has given me immense peace of mind! Would 💯 recommend to anyone that has a kitty! The after-sale service is also unparalleled and cannot be compared to any other gps tracker on the market.


    Thank you so very much! This device has been an absolute godsend!


    It was SUCH a pleasure to see where Foxy moves. And we could go into the veld to go and fetch her before dark – the kitties sleep inside every night. She was NOT impressed with us finding her 😹😹

  14. C HURTER

    Lanklaas mt jou gepraat. Wys nt hoe happy is ons nog mt Moji se pro tracker.

  15. CRAIG T

    Amazing love the tracking collar, got home late and my cat was about 1km away from home so I called him and he was home in about 2 minutes panting like he ran the whole way . He must of heard it ring and said this is dad’s tracker must be dad and ran home ❤️❤️Love it thanks guys


    My cat went missing for a week. Now she has this tracker and I know exactly where she is all the time. The peace of mind is worth so much more than the cost of this device.


    Best device ever if you want peace of mind for your furry babies


    Highly recommended. My cat goes to the business park every day and at least we know where he is and when he is coming home


    Excellent product! Tracks within the 1m! Really a phenomenal investment


    Best ever device


    This device has really changed his life by giving him freedom. Thank you so much! We are now able to rest finally knowing where he is at all times❣


    Our Harry used to walk far and wide. With this tracker you can also whatsapp the cat 😁 So we would whatsapp him and give him something nice to eat because he always came when we whatsapped. Now he stays around in the garden and wait for the whatsapp 😁 Clever boy!


    We have the older model. It is the best thing we have ever done.


    “Amazing love the tracking collar, got home late and my cat was about 1km away from home so I called him and he was home in about 2 minutes panting like he ran the whole way 🤣🤣🤣. He must of heard it ring and said this is dad’s tracker must be dad and ran home ❤️❤️Love it thanks guys “


    Middag Ernest, albei ons 2x trackers funksioneer sovêr korrek wat ons adres betref😁. Baie dankie dat jy nou albei 100% reg gekalibreer het , waardeer jou hulp baie opreg hoor😅! Mooi naweek vir jou en jou moeder ook. Vriendelike groete, Jan.


    Really great for cats as they roam. Will find them a few km away. Don’t bother with Bluetooth for cats/kittens – range way too short for cat. Have for our cat’s – well worth preventing heartache, anxiety, worry, despair for days/weeks/months which is what happened to us – when I found our cat I vowed never to go through that again. Had a cat when I was living at home – disappeared at 8yrs old never to be seen again – you get no closure which is the worst. These devices for cats owners are a MUST – no more lost postings on Facebook or elsewher


    Thank you for the feedback! Our Pro is working wonders! Such a relief to know exactly where he is!

  28. JEANNE

    Thank you for the peace of mind that the AlleyCat Pro has brought us. As owners of two curious young cats, the AlleyCat Pro’s tracking/locate function and especially its geofencing capacility have assisted us greatly in keeping tabs on our naughty tabbies. We were initially a bit worried that the devices would bother them, but it doesn’t at all and they play, wrestle, run and climb trees just as before. I would also like to thank Ernest for the large amount of time he has spent helping us to set up and understand the app, assisting us to set the geofencing boundaries for our property, teaching us how to use the devices properly, and for being super patient with a panic-stricken cat mom’s 200000 questions. Keep up the great work, guys!

  29. JEANNE

    Jy sal dié storie like: vanoggend hardloop ek om te gaan kyk want daar is ‘n geofence breach alert, toe is dit wragtig ‘n ander kat wat ons katjie jaag! Toe is ek so dankbaar vir die goefence!


    These devices are absolutely amazing, would not let my kitten outdoors without it, really enjoying the Alley Cat Pro we got from you the last time for our older cat it works a bit better than the previous version and the battery life is excellent.

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