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Claw&Paw – For Smaller Breed Dogs – SOLD OUT – Consignment arrived in SA 21/4 – Delays experienced caused by recent weather conditions at Port of Durban.



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Waterproof GPS Tracker For Those Who Likes To Swim

The all new Claws & Paws GPS Tracker for pet, available from Streetwise Pets, uses TWO sets of satellites (American GPS + Chinese Beidou) to locate your pet instantly and accurately. The chipset utilises AGPS capabilities which ensures superfast transmission of data between satellites and your phone.

The Claws&Paws device has a unique GPS module and upgraded built-in GPRS antenna which ensures better signal reception. In very bad network areas the Claws&Paws device works rather well and gives a pleasant tracking experience


This GPS product makes use of the 2G network architecture, which is a well established, low power, low cost infrastructure and is widely used within the GPS Tracking industry.  The devices expected battery life depends on good 2G network coverage, which can only be established once you receive your product from us.  It is therefore suggested to get both a Vodacom as well as MTN simcard (Load minimal DATA & AIRTIME to each simcard). We can then conduct a remote network coverage test to establish which network will give you the best possible coverage in the area where the device will be used. This test will be conducted remotely after you have registered your product for warranty purposes on our Whatsapp helpline.   Once we establish which network has better reception, you may then load more Data and Airtime, which will last you for a very long time (Estimated Data & Airtime usage – Data +- 30 Mb per month, R50 Once-off airtime should last 6 months to a year, depending on usage and also making use of the different functionalities which the product offers).

Out of stock


Technical Features:

  • Comes with a Rubber pouch for water protection hence a waterproof rating of IP66
  • Small 55mm x 35mm x 12mm.
  • Light – 32 Grams.
  • Precise – Uses two sets of satellites (GPS + Beidou) with AGPS assisted technology to enhance speed and location upload accuracy
  • Remote Listen-inn feature – Listen to your dogs surroundings.
  • Tracking Intervals from 1 minute to 60 minutes (you choose).
  • Set Geo Fences with alarms – will warn you by in App messages if cat leaves programmed area.
  • Track replays – See where your dog wanders around.
  • User Friendly phone app for both Android and iPhone.
  • No monthly contract – Load your own airtime as and when required.
  • Should Last anything between 2-5 days depending on various factors like  2G reception in your area, interval update   settings and some other factor to (How many people tracking the pet and how often).
  • Ready for use when delivered, we take care of complete setting up process.
  • 12 Month Factory warranty against any defects.
  • Water Resistant to international standards, IP66
  • The collar supplied can be removed to fit your own choice of collar should you wish.
  • Allows for Multiple users to log in to the App at the same time.

8 reviews for Claw&Paw – For Smaller Breed Dogs – SOLD OUT – Consignment arrived in SA 21/4 – Delays experienced caused by recent weather conditions at Port of Durban.

  1. Michael

    I use this device for tracking my cat due to its small size and being lightweight. Downloading the app and setting up the device was very easy and the app is intuitive to use. The battery performance is not bad at all when considering the size of the unit. I would highly recommend this product to those of you that are concerned of the whereabouts of your pets. Finally, I need to mention that the after sales service from Streetwise Pets was absolutely brilliant.

  2. Mike

    Hi Ernest, thank you so much. I really can’t believe the type of service you provide your customers. I truly hope that you have a very successful year and hope your business goes from strength to strength. It is very rare nowadays to see such commitment from a supplier. All the best.

  3. Jonathan Beukes

    Hi Ernest, trust you well, just wanted to thank you for replacing the broken device, I’m sure you can see on your side just how well this unit is working I have had almost 100% success rate of connecting and tracking,


    Hi… I was in Stellenbosch yesterday! GPS worked 100% immediately!! Thank you so much! I had a mothersday lunch with my kids and I could enjoy every minute without worrying about Rocky!!!! My daughter asked if you can give her a good deal for the same device for 5 dogs!! She rescue dogs and if they are not adopted she keeps them


    Baie dankie! Pakkie gekry vandag! Pragtig en professioneel verpak!

  6. Mike

    Thanks…..found Rosey….after more than one hour….so grateful for the tracker


    Natalie van den Berg: Streetwise Pets GPS Tracking the best service from start to finish! You have been the peace to my journey!!!!


    What amazing service we experienced from Streetwise Pets and in particular from Ernest. I would highly recommend them for all your pet tracking devices. A really great product and after sales service is the best.

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