Dual Simcard – Optional extra


Get the best of both networks and never worry about expiring simcards or having to load data, ever!  The Dual simcard ensures a GPS product to perform at it’s peak, exactly what this excellent product offers.  Our Dual simcard ensures a good battery life and connects to both the MTN and Vodacom networks.  The Dual simcard furthermore works in 300 countries worldwide, when moving abroad no hassle for the GPS to function where you heading to.

The most important aspect of any GPS product which makes use of battery power to function is it needs good network coverage.

When poor network reception is experienced with a certain provider the battery of the devices depletes quicker than normal as the device keeps searching for better network.  In some areas poor network reception becomes a problem and causes frustration having to charge the device more often.

Most areas in SA has excellent network coverage especially MTN, so initially we will not recommend our Dual simcard to start off with – first try a MTN simcard and only when poor coverage is experienced we will then recommend the dual simcard option after trying the following major network provider.  Should you wish to instead opt in for this simcard add it to your order.  

Most products in our range use 40mb -100mb of data per month for tracking only (MTN R10 – Vcom R12 offered by the two  major service providers also depending on who you bank with this might be higher), some additional functions the products offer might use more data if you will make use of them.

A further problem experienced with normal pre-paid sim-cards is if not used or topped-up for two months or longer the service providers recycle the number and you won’t be able to use the sim anymore.  Usually during winter months especially with cats devices are not used that often if at all as pets spend most of the times indoors and that’s when the simcard ends up not being used and subsequently expires.  When you want to use the device again you will have to obtain a new simcard to enable functionality again.

The Beauty of our Dual simcard is with a once-off payment the card comes with data for life meaning you will not have to recharge your simcard ever again.  The simcard can never expire and is valid for 30 years so even if you don’t use the device for lengthy periods it will remain functional.

The simcard furthermore works in most countries whereby it will automatically connect with the networks in the country where you might be relocating to.

A good choice as we experience daily issues with customers who forgets to load data or haven’t used their products for lengthy periods and then the entire process needs to start all over again.




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