Frenchie GPS Trax

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The Specially adapted Frenchie GPS Trax, easy to use product is specially designed for the French Bulldog breed and the device comes pre-fitted to a harness, only available from Streetwise Pets in conjunction with the French Bulldog Rescue RSA NPO . (2015/077593/08).  This highly accurate GPS tracking device ensures peace of mind when you need to find your pet in real-time right on your mobile device via an APP for Android and iPhone users.

The Frenchie GPS Trax device has a unique GPS module and upgraded built-in GPRS antenna which ensures better signal reception.  The device needs a simcard to function which merely transmits the satellite footage information between the device to your cell phone.  As the device makes use of the well architecture 2G Network Infrastructure which is a low power low cost network tracking your pet will therefore cost you minimal and the 2G network also ensure a good device battery life before having to recharge the device.

Frenchies are a flat-faced breed, which can often cause breathing problems and means they overheat quickly especially when they exercise in warmer weather. Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS) – this can cause severe breathing problems and is caused by their shorter faces.  The tracking device is therefore fitted to a harness and not a normal collar which is included in your purchase.  Should you wish to use your own harness fitting of the device can easily be done by yourself.



  • Small 55mm x 35mm x 12mm.
  • When you receive your product it will already be setup and programmed all you need to do is insert a simcard and you’re good to start tracking.
  • The device fits into a Rubber pouch fitted to the harness. The pouch also ensures water splash protection and has an IP66 waterproof rating
  • Extremely Light weight – Only 32 Grams.
  • Precise – Uses two sets of satellites (GPS + Beidou 60 in total) with AGPS assisted technology which enhances speed and location upload accuracy.
  • Remote Listen-inn feature – Listen in to your pet’s surroundings.
  • Tracking Intervals of 1, 10 and 60 minutes (you choose). The interval setting does affect the battery life before having to recharge the device again.
  • Set Geo Fences with alarms – will warn you by in App messages when your pet  leaves programmed area.
  • Track replays – See where your dog wanders around and more importantly track him in real-time to see his current location. The App can navigate you to the pet by foot or car by making use of Google Maps.
  • User Friendly phone app for both Android and iPhone users.
  • No monthly contract – Load your own airtime / data as and when required.
  • The batter can last anything between 2-4 days depending on various factors like the quality of 2G reception in your area, interval update settings and some other factors to. Our friendly helpline will assist you with advice in getting the best battery performance as well as advice if reception might be an issue.
  • Ready for use when delivered, we take care of complete setting up process.
  • 12 Month Factory warranty against any defects.
  • Free WhatsApp helpline to assist you in getting to know your newly purchased product as well as helping you in understanding how the App works as well as technical assistance you might require from time to time
  • The App Allows for Multiple users to log in at the same time to monitor the pet.



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