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Global precise positioning, google satellite map, no dead corner in the wild mountain area, with an accuracy of 5 m in the open area.
IP68 deep waterproof, don’t worry about hunting in the mountains on rainy days.
Our products can carry out voice intercom, send voice to equipment and record.
4000 mAh lithium battery, if the positioning mode is 10 seconds, 48 hours can be used. If the positioning mode is 1 hour, 14 days can be expected and 12 hour update up to 30 days of tracking.
In order to protect the safety of your dog, our device can also set an electronic fence to set a safe area for your dog. As soon as it leaves the area, the alarm will be turned on so that you can find it quickly.
Record all the routs that your dog have traveled every day. Can be stored for up to three months.

The difference between a Microchip Pet Implant and our GPS Unit is that the microchip for pets is used merely for authentication of a lost pet, If you find a lost pet you should take it to a Vet who can read out the personal data of the owner with a specific reading device.  A Microchip has NO tracking capabilities therefore you can never see the whereabouts of your pet.  “K9 Pro Plus – Large Tactical Dogs / Farm Dogs” is used for locating and tracking your pet via. Satellites in real-time!


Technical Features:

  • One Key Recording
  • Historical Track
  • Typical tracking time 21 days before having to charge
  • Real Time Location
  • Electronic Fence
  • 4000 mAh
  • IP67 Level Waterproof
  • Free App
  • Google Maps
  • GPS + AGPS + LBS
  • Product Size: 3.8 cm x 9.1 cm

2 reviews for K9 Pro Plus – Large Tactical Dogs / Farm Dogs – OUT OF STOCK – 3 weeks delivery from date of order placed.


    Excellent product as you have access to a mobile app as well as being able to track your pet on a PC / Laptop via. a website inter-phase. Good battery life and very durable, easy to us and also has Magnetic charging instead of the older USB charging.


    The tracking system gives me the peace of mind that I’m reducing the risk of losing my dog.
    It also keeps me in contact when out of town or country, I can still keep track of my dog and even speak to him if Separation anxiety kicks in.

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