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Streetwise Pets “K9 GPS TRAX” is a GPS Collar worn by your pet.  The device weighs 35g and will not put your pet in any discomfort.

The difference between a Microchip Pet Implant and our GPS Unit is that the microchip for pets is used merely for authentication of a lost pet, If you find a lost pet you should take it to a Vet who can read out the personal data of the owner with a specific reading device.  A Microchip has NO tracking capabilities therefore you can never see the whereabouts of your pet.  “K9 GPS TRAX” is used for locating and tracking your pet via. Satellites in real-time, to the meter!


Technical Features:

  • Small 45mm x 35mm x 12mm.
  • Light – 22 Grams.
  • Precise – GPS Accuracy 1-5 meters – As this is not a Bluetooth device but uses satellites and Networks to track the pet, you can be in America and track your pet right at your home in South Africa.
  • Remote Listen-inn feature – Listen to your dogs surroundings.
  • Tracking Intervals from 1 minute to 60 minutes (you choose).
  • Set Geo Fences with alarms – will warn you by in App messages if cat leaves programmed area.
  • Track replays – See where your dog wanders around.
  • User Friendly phone app for both Android and iPhone.
  • No monthly contract – Load your own airtime as and when required.
  • Should Last anything between 2-5 days depending on various factors like  2G reception in your area, interval update   settings and some other factor to (How many people tracking the pet and how often).
  • Ready for use when delivered, we take care of complete setting up process.
  • 12 Month Factory warranty against any defects.
  • Water Resistant to international standards.
  • The collar supplied can be removed to fit your own choice of collar should you wish.
  • Allows for Multiple users to log in to the App at the same time.

2 reviews for K9GPSTRAX

  1. Koos

    What a Wonderful products. I can track my dog anytime anywhere with just a click of a button.
    I can’t believe how much this device has changed my life. He likes to go roaming with friends and the old lady on the beach.
    Thank you Streetwise Pets


    I had complete peace of mind knowing Oakley had the tracker on. Was a perfect getaway thanks to Streetwise Pets and their excellent back-up service. Thanks Ernest for being there for me even helping me over weekends during our holiday. Your service is great and so is the product!

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