AlleyCat Supreme (Larger breed cats – EXCELLENT battery life) -SOLD OUT – Consignment arrived in SA 21/4 – Delays experienced caused by recent weather conditions at Port of Durban.


The AlleyCat Supreme GPS tracker is for larger breed cats (Maine Coons, Bengals, Serval’s and cats which are of bigger built compared to the average house cat).

The device is delivered to you all setup and ready to use upon receipt – no need to study manuals and struggling to get the device to function.  We take care of the entire programming process which may be difficult for some.  All you will need to do is download the mobile app and login with the details provided.

We include a pre-installed a MTN simcard (which works best with this technology) and we furthermore cover the fists month’s data (the device uses on average 10Mb of Data per month = R10).   The delivered product furthermore comes with a cat-safe collar, we know cats and we do not deliver this product with a dog collar as some companies do.


Technical Features:

  • No restriction in radius, distance or range – all our products uses Satellites to track and you will be able to track your pets exact location from anywhere in the world
  • Highly accurate tracking of up to 1 to 5 meters (real-time GPS tracking). Certain factors may influence accuracy however as technology evolved over the years GPS tracking is usually highly accurate and to find your pet becomes so much easier.
  • History report playback stored for 6 months
  • Remote voice recording / remote voice monitoring
  • Geo-fence capabilities and alerts to your phone
  • Low Battery alerts when the device reaches 20% battery level
  • Very well water protected as the device fits into a silicone pouch
  • Intelligent technology which can give you up to 5 days + of tracking on the 1 minute update interval (various interval settings are available to give you a prolonged battery life)
  • Wifi positioning when indoors (accuracy about 30m when indoors)
  • LBS location if both GPS and Wifi tracking not available which occurs when a GPS device are indoors
  • Size 52mm x 38mm x 16mm which fits into a silicone pouch
  • Light weight for bigger built cats at 36 Grams
  • No further monthly fees are payable (once-off payment) except for you to make sure your simcard has Data and Airtime on (the device uses minimal of either and will not cost you much to maintain – airtime are required to make use of all the functions the device offers
  • 1000 MaH battery capacity to ensure a longer lasting battery life

2 reviews for AlleyCat Supreme (Larger breed cats – EXCELLENT battery life) -SOLD OUT – Consignment arrived in SA 21/4 – Delays experienced caused by recent weather conditions at Port of Durban.


    Love the product, I’m a very proud owner of a Maine Coon breed cat and gave this product a try thinking this is to good to be true. To be honest, its better than to good to be true. Very professionally delivered to me, all setup and worked immediately after switching the product on. It tracked my cat to the exact spot on the APP and the replays are very nice to see how far he gets to during the day. ABSOLUTELY peace of mind and an excellent buy, happy client from word go!


    I am using this device on our Maine Coon Cat and what a lovely product with a very good battery life. The best of the entire experience in dealing with Streetwise Pets was when we received the tracker its was already programmed for us, we are a bit technically handicapped but Streetwise Pets took care of everything for us – Thank you very much you are a great team and pleasure to deal with. Will definitely recommend your service to everyone I come across

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