R3000 Any TWO pet trackers + free MTN data

We always bring the best promotions at the right time, saving you loads of money and assuring you of a quality product – setup has been taken care off so that you receive a fully functional working product from word go saving you the hassle to do it all on your own.  Enjoy your products!


The Best GPS Pet trackers brought to you by Streetwise Pets, completely setup and ready to function when delivered to you.

IMPORTANT – ALLOW 5-7 working days to be dispatched which allows for setup procedures and preparing of your order.  We will always try our utmost best to dispatch your order as quick as possible and within or before the stipulated time-frame, bear with us while we we are hard at work in finalizing your pets new bling-bling.

Only EFT Payments directly to our bank account will be accepted for this promotion.


See full specs under AlleyCat COMPACT / EXTREME description (Free delivery / setup and a MTN simcard in each device + free 12 months data)

  • Send a Whatsapp to 079 840 9896 with your name & surname, pets names, a delivery address and the two products ordered together with your proof of payment.
  • Make your EFT payment to STREETWISE PETS, FNB, 6275 850 2093
  • Delivery of your order will be made after +- 7 working days once payment has been received in our bank account (this enables us to setup your device, link it to the App you will download and possible load-shedding delays taken into account).
  • Fits to your existing collar – we don’t supply a collar with the product.
  • Delivery will be made to you by The Courier Guy and waybill information will be sent to you once handed over to our local Kiosk.

Should you have any questions feel welcome to Whatsapp the number provided or call us during office hours Monday – Friday.



2 reviews for R3000 Any TWO pet trackers + free MTN data


    So far the devices have been super super accurate almost to the meter, This was 1000% the best purchase I’ve ever made. Such incredible peace of mind 🤗 I will be telling everybody and anybody about you guys! Thank you so so much for what you do 🖤 ❤️


    I just got both trackers and even the big one is smaller than I believed it would be.
    They also regardless of size weigh less than they look they should. They really are small, much smaller than a match box. More like those small square batteries we get but slimmer, definitely worth it. Gives u peace of mind as to where your pets are esp cats

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