TRACK your pet instantly, from anywhere - Fast & on the spot

GPS Pet tracking devices Streetwise Pets – When it comes to tracking your pet a good product is simply not good enough, you need a great product and most importantly coupled with excellent support to assist you while getting to understand GPS products.   That’s precisely what Streetwise Pets have to offer and why we stand out from any other competitor – if any at all.

Established in 2015 Streetwise Pets are the first and oldest PET GPS tracking company in South Africa.  Our expertise and knowledge of GPS products out performs any other company trying to do what we do, many try but simply don’t succeed.  GPS Pet tracking devices by Streetwise Pets gives peace of mind when a pet goes missing knowing they will be found instantly and within minutes rather than never.

The only company who supplies a fully functional product upon delivery, personalized for every customer and comes fitted with a simcard which enables communication between the device and the App.  We remove all possible obstacles which you might have struggled with attempting setup yourself.

Not sure which product to order?  Send a photo of your pet(s) on Whatsapp to 079 840 9896 and we’ll assist you in choosing the most suitable product, based on size, weight and general posture.  In general our products are tiny and well designed to comfortably fit your furry-friend no matter how small they are.


We are the only company approved by The Cat Council of South Africa who highly recommend our products. The AlleyCat brand is well-known across the globe, being a proudly South African company with representation worldwide we pride ourselves in supplying superior products to those usually found online.