TRACK your pet instantly, anytime, anyplace from anywhere!

Launched in 2015 Streetwise Pets supplies quality GPS tracking devices for pets. Being the first company in South Africa who specializes in this unique industry our footprint now stretches as far as New Zealand, Namibia, Mauritius and Zimbabwe.

With 1000’s of happy customers using our products we can proudly say “Tested, Proven and Trusted” and that we’re still the preferred supplier when it comes to the pet owners choice.

KINDLY NOTE:  Due to current International affairs we expect to have a rather stiff price increase in weeks to come, order your GPS tracker to avoid disappointing high prices to be announced soon.

Most pet trackers in the market place are to big for cats, as your pet is important to us and with our expertise we will help you choose the right size  product as our range caters for any sized cat or dog.

Pets don’t have a compass!!! Every pet deserves to be found when they can’t find their way back home and no pet should end up at a shelter or SPCA – With a GPS tracker your pet can be located instantly to the exact location no matter of the distance or wherever the pet may find himself.

AlleyCat is well-known to Cat Breeders across South Africa and they also promote the use of the product as a solution to ensure the safety of the pets they are selling. AlleyCat is approved by The Cat Council of South Africa and we regularly attend shows hosted by them.