TRACK your pet instantly, anytime, anyplace from anywhere!

Streetwise Pets are the first and oldest Pet GPS tracking company in South Africa, keeping trend with the latest and best technology to track a pet.  Our product range offers super small devices with pinpoint GPS tracking from anywhere in the world, fast and on the spot.

The end-user can expect nothing less than a reliable and smooth tracking experience backed by excellent support and direct access to our GPS specialists making Streetwise Pets the ideal choice for pet lovers.

We have a unique approach to GPS products

  • Cost-effective and reliable
  • Supported by the latest technologies
  • The ideal choice for pets of all sizes

Being a globally recognized pet tracking company with 8 years + experience and a presence in New Zealand, Mauritius, Namibia and Zimbabwe our track record comes with many great successes achieved from a very loyal customer base.

Unlike general online stores we make the tracking experience as easy as possible by programming every device before its delivered to you.  Good back-up support is something we specialize in coupled with excellent knowledge.


The AlleyCat brand is well-known across the globe as well as to Breeders and Vets across South Africa. Being a proudly South African company with representation worldwide we pride ourselves in supplying superior products to those usually found online. We are the only company approved by The Cat Council of South Africa who highly recommend our products.