TRACK your pet instantly, anytime, anyplace from anywhere!

Streetwise Pets has perfected “The Art of GPS PET tracking” and taken it to the a level which the world has not experienced before.   Launched in 2015 Streetwise Pets supplies quality GPS tracking devices for use on cats, dogs and certain exotic pets. Being the first company who introduced pet GPS tracking devices in South Africa and who specializes in this unique industry our footprint now stretches as far as New Zealand, Namibia, Mauritius and Zimbabwe.

With 1000’s of happy customers using our products we can proudly say “Tested, Proven and Trusted” and that we’re still the preferred supplier when it comes to the pet owners choice.

To be able to track your pet from anywhere right on your phone gives one peace of mind knowing where to find your pet at any given moment.

The delivered product is ready to function when received.  We take care of the entire setup process linking the product with the App ensuring a tested, working and quality product without you having to sit and figure out all the technical stuff.




Most trackers in the market place are to big for pets (especially cats), before you buy a product from somewhere which sounds to good to be true allow us in advising you which tracker would be most suitable for your pet (with our knowledge and experience we know 99% of GPS trackers advertised online as well as its functionality).  It is crucial not to discomfort the cat or dog and we abide to International standards of the weight an animal may carry around his neck.  All our products are lightweight and small in size.


This kind of technology one would not want to buy from conventional online stores as they can not offer any back-up support, rather by from professionals like ourselves as you will definitely need assistance from time to time. Pets in general are not Streetwise and every pet deserves to be found when they can’t find their way back home.  No pet should end up at a shelter or SPCA – With a GPS tracker your pet can be located instantly to the exact location no matter of the distance or wherever the pet may find himself.


The AlleyCat brand is well-known across the globe as well as to Breeders and Vets across South Africa. Being a proudly South African company with representation worldwide we pride ourselves in supplying superior products to those usually found online. The Cat Council of South Africa has also seen our products in action which they suggest as a tool to prevent cats from going missing.