GPS pet tracker medium to bigger cats


The Extreme GPS pet tracker locates pinpoint, instantly and from anywhere.  No subscriptions and no distance restrictions.



GPS Cat tracking device – AlleyCat EXTREME by Streetwise Pets

IMPORTANT – ALLOW 5-7  working days to be dispatched which allows for setup procedures and preparing of your order.  We will always try our utmost best to dispatch your order as quick as possible and within or before the stipulated time-frame, bear with us while we we are hard at work in finalizing your pets new bling-bling.

Placing your order online don’t qualify for our current February promotion, go to the product on promotion and follow the instructions.


The main difference between the Compact and Extreme GPS is the Compact being the smaller one of the two and also has a smaller battery capacity.  Because of the smaller size the Compact could not be fitted with a speaker therefor it has no ring feature like the Extreme does.  Both pet trackers fits easily to your pets existing collar, is extremely lightweight and it’s unlikely that the pet will even notice the tracker.


    Unlimited range meaning you can track your pet from anywhere, anytime to the exact meter – extremely accurate and reliable.  Nicely secured in a watertight rubber pouch which makes it easy to fit your own collar.

    The device uses average 40Mb Data per month (can be slightly more based on user settings)  – NO MONTHLY CONTRACTS.

    Multiple users can login to the APP.

    We always suggest MTN as our first option and secondly Vodacom (2nd choice as MTN has better reception in most areas with this kind of technology).  Rain / Fnb / Telkom Simcards don’t work with this product.

    Size: Small at 50mm x 29mm x 15mm with an 850MaH Extreme battery, lightweight at 30 Grams which can EASILY last up to 7+ days if all available functions are used to enhance the battery life.  If you’re not sure if this product is suitable for your cat Whatsapp a photo to 079 840 9896 and we will assist in making suitable suggestions.

    12 Month EXCHANGE warranty, now that is pretty awesome.

    CALL FEATURE: Call the device to hear where it rings, comes in handy when shown in the App that the pet is in a dense area or bushes – Can also be used as a training feature to train your pet to act when it rings and return home – takes 3 weeks to get the pet used to the ringtone and would immediately return home if called at random times (This we love as it really works)

    When received its ready to start tracking immediately, no setup headaches as we have taken care of that

    1. GPS+AGPS+LBS (GPS when outdoors, LBS when indoors, AGPS = Faster tracking experience which ensures a smooth and fast tracking experience)2.SOS, 1 way communication / Voice recording

    2.Voice monitoring


    4.90 days History Playback

    5.Power Saving mode to give a prolonged battery life (switch off at a certain time and back on all by the push of an Icon)

    6.Vibration Alarm,Low Battery Alarm

    7.Voice-activated dial-back call to supervision numbers

    8.Voice Monitor Call

    9.Tracking System:FREE lifetime APP+Website Platform (Awesome mobile App which allows for multiple users to login to the App)

    10. In general, an awesome product, rugged and a smooth fit on any medium to bigger built cat.

    11.  Check under FAQ’s to see how a GPS tracking device tracks and the various location methods which you will deal with while using this product.

19 reviews for GPS pet tracker medium to bigger cats


    Excellent product! Harrison does not leave the house without it.


    I didn’t buy a Streetwise Pets GPS tracker – I bought another one through Fruugo Online and I could not get the product to work. Then I found Streetwise Pets – I have been helped by Ernest to set up a GPS pet tracker that I did not even buy from them with dollops of patience and a wonderful can do attitude. I will be buying more pet GPS trackers and I will be going nowhere else – the service that I received on a product that was not purchased through them speaks volumes about their dedication to keeping our pets safe and their amazing business ethic. Please don’t think of buying any other product, Streetwise Pets is the only way to go. With so much thanks to Streetwise Pets GPS Tracking you guys are amazing


    “Hi! Thank you so much for this awesome tracker. I really love how it works and how accurate it is”. I was able to find my one cat who wandered to far last night. She was gone for much longer than usual way into the early hours of the morning, The APP pinpointed the location to someones driveway where she was hiding under a car freezing cold, So grateful for these devices worth every cent.


    I love the streetwise pets collars! My cat is looking great with her new extreme collar… she’s ready to go exploring and I have total peace of mind that I can leave her to do just that. Thanks streetwise pets


    The best product money can buy!!!! Last night proved it again!!!! Was nice and warm so madam went on a jol!!!! But luckily I could see the whole time where she was so I didn’t stress!


    Every pet should have one. My heart breaks as I share posts of lost or stolen furkids. I know their heartache would be less if they had your products. I beg all pet owners to invest in a tracker collar for their furkids.


    So worth the peace of mind – Sammy was found on the streets during hard lockdown and taken in by a kind lady. He was not micro chipped. I adopted him in March and he adapted beautifully – and then I found him in the bonnet of my car – which made me realize that this is how he may have become a stray. He may have climbed into a car and hitched a ride. Now he is microchipped and has a gps so that if he does end up at Pick n Pay or in Knysna we can find him. I am planning on more collars for my other two boys – my ginger boy Skye likes to wonder around and gets lost in his own little world.


    Best decision – made buying a tracker for our cat. Absolute peace of mind


    Thank you for your excellent service. It was so easy to get the boys back into the house this afternoon. Absolutely love this device. Much appreciated 😺😺


    Our Bengal has been wearing a GPS tracking device from Streetwise Pets/Ernest for the last 5 months. An overall review of the tracking device is that it works well, and the battery lasts at least 3+ days before needing to be charged (I have mine set to the shortest interval setting using a bit more battery power) Our cat managed to get the tracker off his collar (in a neighbors yard) and Ernest provided excellent support and assistance so that we could retrieve the tracker- and continue using it. I highly recommend obtaining a tracker from Ernest as after sales service is so important when an animal or its tracking device is missing.


    I have the ALLEYCAT EXTREME product and its so worth it, Ernest is supa fantastic to assist with after sale issues I’ve had to message him a few time, such a wonderful gentleman, he’s product is so worth it 😻


    Ernest’s after sales service is outstanding!! Definitely the only person to buy from.


    Evening, I just want to say these devices are amazing. Bought my AlleyCat Extreme devices in June. During the day my two boys go on adventures and at sunset I call them and they sleep inside. They listen when I call their cellphone numbers, without fail. Love this technology. Thank you for a great product.” Train your cats to come home when you phone them!!!


    Samsung / Iphone Tags are rubbish as its not a GPS tracker. I learned the hard way. Bought samsung tags and it wasn’t dependable also broke within weeks due to it getting into the water bowl.
    So glad I got them the Alley Cat Extreme


    So far the devices have been super super accurate almost to the meter, This was 1000% the best purchase I’ve ever made. Such incredible peace of mind 🤗 I will be telling everybody and anybody about you guys! Thank you so so much for what you do 🖤 ❤️


    I just got both trackers and even the big one is smaller than I believed it would be.
    They also regardless of size weigh less than they look they should. They really are small, much smaller than a match box. More like those small square batteries we get but slimmer, definitely worth it. Gives u peace of mind as to where your pets are esp cats


    I highly recommend Ernest and Streetwise Pets GPS tracking We have been using one of Ernest’s GPS trackers on our roaming Bengal for the past 3 years, Tiger Khan (pictured with his buddy, LC). It has given us such peace of mind and on one occasion, definitely saved Tiger’s life. Ernest is brilliant- he provides excellent backup support for the device and really goes out of his way.
    Recently we had an issue with the tracker and Ernest met us to collect it and returned it to us at no charge- even though it was a faulty SIM card, and nothing to do with the actual device.


    I absolutely cannot express how service orientated this man is. I was having a hard time with my brand new trackers, due to network problems. There was no tracker issue, just cellular issues which made me very grumpy – very.
    Dear Ernest remained calm and helped me Sat – Sunday and Monday night. The issue was not the tracker, and still the man treated me like he was at fault, help patience and understanding in truck loads.
    On day two I thought the man would say “your problem” he did not.
    There was a cellular data issue in my area which was not yet known, and Ernest just kept tracking, fault detective and grumpy customer doctor.
    I will test devices later in bushvelt and report back.
    I am very happy so far.


    This business owner understands customer service better than 99% of companies I deal with. Thanks for a great service to us and our pets Streetwise Pets!

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